July 2019

Family Office Networks

We are honored attending Family Office Networks (FOC) events & being afforded opportunities to meet cutting edge companies CEO’s & teams as well as other accredited investors. We are looking forward to developing  new exciting opportunities for our network together with FOC’s  Founder / CEO Andrew Schneider, Cofounder / Managing Director Steven Saltzstein and their Director of Luxury Brands, Charlotte Merello.

IDI Group/Family Office Networks Cocktail & Conversation Event

Left: Sturgus Adams, CCO Geenee
Middle: Michael Jacobson, President Madison Avenue Agency
Right: Sandro Christen, CEO Geenne

At this Family Office Networks event, The IDI Group hosted a select group of family offices at an invitation-only cocktail reception. They presented a firm update as well as an overview of one of IDI’s exciting portfolio companies, GEENNE https://geenee.me/.

Geenee is changing the way affluent consumers brand engage with their customers using mobile image recognition and augmented reality technology. As a trusted partner for brands such as Warner Brothers, Miller Life, Unity and JCDecaux, Geenne has achieved significant traction. The Company’s technology is patented, test and launched in the media e-commerce, advertising, and retail industries. Geenee would be a logical acquisition target for strategic buyers and related industries.

Family Office Networks and their unique business concept has been around for centuries, allowing us to perfect wealth management and financial management for extremely wealthy individuals worldwide. The present-day Family Office Networks was first incorporated in the 19th century and includes some of the most renown financial service providers in the industry, like J.P Morgan. Interestingly, J.P Morgan was first started as a single-family office under the House of Morgan. Because of the success rate of the Family Office Networks, the Rockefellers established their own family office in 1982, which is still in business to this very day. The main objective of the family offices is to maintain and protect families that have large fortunes, trusts, and successful family-owned businesses. In addition, we offer our members effective and efficient ways to manage family fortunes through specific financial investments and charitable donations, while ensuring confidentiality, risk management consolidation, and transparency. Family Office Networks offer two types of family offices for our members, a Single Family Office (SFO) and a Multi-Family Office (MFO).
Family Office Networks hosts many networking events throughout the year through our local associations, including mixers, symposiums, cocktail receptions, polo, golf outings, poker tournaments, conferences, luncheons, cigar parties, fashion shows, caviar tastings, yacht parties, and more. In these intimate settings, families feel comfortable sharing ideas and expanding their network while giving back to the community.
Ultimately, family offices rely on their longevity through ensuring wealth preservation. The difficulty of securing market returns in recent years has led to some tension in this respect. Furthermore, during generational transitions, family office structures can be tested, often to the point of destruction, as the next generation presses for different goals and objectives to manage the family’s wealth. Family Office Networks is dedicated to offering substantial families access to stellar investment opportunities in areas such as real estate, venture capital, private equity, and hedge funds.
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