Madison Avenue Agency offers our clients advertising opportunities for a fraction of the cost their competitors pay. Through our network, and strategic alliances with ICON & the largest advertising agencies in the world who place over 3.6 billion in advertising annually we pass along great savings and secure the best rates for our client’s television, magazine, social media/digital, radio and billboard advertising programs. Our platforms  are designed to give our clients more flexibility and value of their assets by either bartering their goods/services for desired advertising opportunities or ensuring significant cash discounts for any paid advertising programs or a combination thereof.




For businesses and budgets of all sizes, TV advertising is the spark that jumpstarts brand growth, increases your revenue, and drives customers through your doors and onto your website. Madison Avenue offers TV and digital advertising solutions that are accessible, affordable, and effective for local, regional and national businesses.


By advertising in magazines, you can reach your target audience, educate them about your products or services, and move them closer to making a purchase. Creating a clear and colorful image to your consumers, Madison Avenue offers spreads, full pages and insert ad creative placements in magazines of your choice, locally, regionally & nationally

Featured Publication

FON Magazine represents and important part of Family Office Networks continued commitment to expanding their global brand and passion about driving discovery of luxury opportunities. Their family office members appreciate custom content relevant to their local regions so they prioritize that effort in all of their activities. High level partnerships with many leading global companies and brands result in exceptional editorial and advertising platform.

4x a year, 10,000 copies of FON Magazine are printed and strategically distributed to over 200+ Family Office events nationwide. These targeted events range from iconic, industry leading conferences to intimate, invitation only custom networking and educational events.

FON Demographics

Average Age: 54

Male/ Female: 72% – 28%

Average HNW: $50MM- $600MM


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Social Media

Instagram is a place where visual expression from business inspires visible action from people around the world. From photo and video posts to Instagram stories, by cross-promoting B2B and B2C on our Instagram- @madisonavenueagency, we’ll drive new awareness trial and customers for your brand and/or services.


We arrange local to national radio ads. You’re only 30 seconds from success!


We offer local & national programs including Times Square

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