Our community is comprised of private jet flyers, exotic car owners & renters, spa enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and business executives ranging from mid-level to CEO. All having disposable income, they yearn for luxury travel, fine dining experiences, and buying luxury goods and services.


Our agency works with the leading private jet operators and brokers in the U.S. We schedule flights for 2 -10 via private planes (all types) and specialize in Air Cargo. We have access to over 15,000 plans throughout the world and have over 1,200 private jet flyers.

spa enthusiasts

We have access to over 100,000 spa-goers who’s average spend for a spa session is $200+. They are based in Manhattan, Westchester, and Connecticut. These sought after consumers travel, dine, buy luxury goods and services, and more.

family office networks

As part of the Madison Avenue Agency we provide our clients access to the Family Office Network. You will be a part of their premier global community for families to share information and intelligence  on a select limited basis and opportunities to reach high net-worth costumers. We will have special opportunities to bring you in as members as well as attend Webinars and events. FON has over 80,000+ members including 10,000 family offices.

exotic cars

We work with luxury car dealerships and exotic car rental companies in New York, South Florida, and other major markets. We have over 40,000 exotic car enthusiasts and access to more. Connecticut. These sought after consumers travel, dine, buy luxury goods and services, and more.


Our community consists of entrepreneurs and executives midlevel to CEO’s, from the luxury goods and service, media and finance industries. we have over 750,000 executives within our network, which is growing daily.