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Classic New York Beer Co. is a privately-owned brewer that’s committed to exemplifying the character of New York drinking lifestyle. From the early speakeasy day to today’s underground cellars, which are quintessential to the culture of our drinker. Their mission at Classic New York Beer is to produce unique, quality beer that is second to none. We operate in ethical environmentally friendly standards while hand-crafting our products. At CNYB’sproduction facility, they strive to be a destination for the exquisite craft beer lover and a hub for the area’s foodies.
Their goal in creating a treasured beer that is enhanced by being a sustainable, low-impact, and environmentally friendly company. The process with which they design various brand strives to provide our customers with a great taste without all of the unnecessary “stuff” the is common in our competitors and unhealthy to our customers.
The vision for Classic New York Beer is to become a premium craft beer brand in the country. According to Gary Kong, Founder, they wish to grow the company slowly and steadily keeping our core values intact, which is based on the greatest quality of New York: bringing people together from all walks of life to meet, engage, and enjoy each other’s company.
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