We offer helicopter alternative flights from NYC to the Hamptons, and tours around the city skyline. In 2002, Former investment banker Javier Diaz founded Wings Air Helicopters. As an experienced pilot, he wanted to create a company that would stand above the rest and meets aviation needs for the sheer pleasure and beauty of airborne travel…… Wings air Helicopters was the first helicopter charter company to be based out of Wester County Airport (KHPN) in White, Plains, NY. This unique idea just outside New York City gives us access to metropolitan attractions as well as undiscovered local gems. we are avid advocates of airborne travel, and therefore, flying is not merely an occupation, but a passion of our company. Do you share our passion? If you dont quite love flying yet, Spend some time in our helicopters and see if we can’t change your mind.



Wings Air Helicopters has been a trendsetter in the aviation business since 2002. Our company is committed to customer satisfaction, safety and the highest quality of service. Our helicopter charter fleet includes top-of-the-line charter and training helicopters, currently flying an average of 3,500 hours per year without incident


We serve our customers by offering:


  • Manhattan to the Hamptons
  • Helicopter Tours of Manhattan — leaving from Westchester or Manhattan
  • More