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Jet Setter – PlaneClear Private Aviation


Planning your next destination? Who’s going to get you there? Selecting the best private aviation carrier for business and family travel can be overwhelming, expensive and time-consuming. That was before PlaneClear. As a leading private jet company, they have taken the ‘what ifs’ out of flying private.

Chartering a private jet through a broker often leads to over promises and under delivery. Aircraft capabilities, operator safety standards and broker costs can be misrepresented or omitted, along with in-flight amenities, catering and passenger needs.


PlaneClear is the industry game changer. Their straightforward, no-nonsense approach to customer satisfaction has them leaps and bounds ahead of the competition while raising the bar in the private aviation charter industry. “We provide impartial, personalized and totally transparent private aviation solutions with integrity and dependability,” said James Chitty, President and Founder of PlaneClear. The result is personally tailored, cost-efficient options as unique as the individual who fly private aviation, providing the true ease and comfort they deserve.

Jet set4

PlaneClear brings their A-game to the brokering and operational sides of the business. Their mission: make every aspect of the private aircraft charter process as pleasant and hassle-free as possible.


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