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Yes, we know we’ve all been there. You’re ready to book your next vacation and want to impress your significant other. But here is the question: I want something really special?

Good news – there is a solution. Carefree Lifestyle, a luxury lifestyle rental services company with its headquarters in Miami Beach and two other big city locations (Beverly Hills and New York) delivers unique and unmatched travel experiences for their affluent customers. This can include renting out exotic cars, marvelous yachts, and luxurious villas and condos with premium amenities, such as your very own chef during your stay.


Carefree Lifestyle understands its customers and tries to provide the best service for them, offering a delightful and glamorous travel experience. The clients are offered a vast array of service packages, including the destination, accommodation, and transportation you want to take for your exotic getaway. When renting with Carefree Lifestyle, vacationers have options of beach villas, exquisite mansions, modern luxury condos, and architecturally designed homes in locations worldwide.


Their loyal customers are political and influential public figures, entertainers, athletes, and vacationers who all want to bring their vacation fantasies into reality. Anthony Marotta, a founder of Carefree Lifestyle, believes that every vacationer has the privilege to have a hassle-free, stress-free vacation, where the traveler is in a complete state of relaxation and enjoyment. Carefree Lifestyle also has satellite offices in The Hamptons and Las Vegas.


So stop admiring the other guy/gal zooming down the road in an exotic car. Let your next night out on the town or vacation be luxurious, unique and special through Carefree Lifestyle.

For more information, please visit: www.carefreelifestyle.com.

New York
555 West 53th Street, New York, NY
Toll-Free: (866) 589-8796
Call: (212) 774-5999

Beverly Hills
8929 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Toll-Free: 1866-589-8796
Call: (310) 289-7791

Miami Office
1031 5th Street, Miami Beach, FL
Toll-Free: 1866-589-8796
Call: (305) 534-3531