Madison Avenue Agency markets luxury brands and service companies at high profile events we produce or have access to in Manhattan, South Florida, California, The Hamptons and in Monaco.
We also offer our clients unbelievable access to the best priced and sought after media opportunities including billboards, print, TV, radio, and digital
while affording access to our network which includes personal introductions to high net-worth individuals, and other like-minded executives to increase branding and sales B2C and B2C.


We position your brand or service center stage at high profile events and increase awareness, branding, and sales. We will also make strategic introductions to high net-worth attendees (B2C) as well as like-minded executives and CEO’s (B2B) who see the value cross-marketing your brand or services with their brands to each other established and new customers. If you need model ambassadors to set up / manage your table, interact with potential new customers and bring attention to your brand or service at the event we can arrange for 1 up 10 Ambassadors who will become an extension of your sales team.

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  • • Affluent A-List Events
    • Introductions to other like-minded executives
    • Target 100K to 5M+ High Net-Worth Consumers
    • Event Sponsorship Opportunities
    • Luxury Branding, Sampling, and Selling
    • New Business Development
    • Media Opportunities
    • PR / Marketing / Web Development

• Celebrity Galas
• Real Estate / Finance Networking
• Hamptons / Polo and Real Estate
• Yacht and Boat Shows
• Exotic Cars
• New Luxury Brand / Service Launches
• Fine Dining / Charity
• Private Aviation


We have direct relationships with leading magazines, billboard, and online platforms affording our clients opportunities to advertise for a fraction of the costs their competitors pay. We also sell print, as value added, with event sponsorship opportunities in Manhattan, Hamptons, and South Florida.


We place our luxury brand and service clients in today’s most sought-after media – print, television and online. We have opportunities to run your creative locally in today’s leading national magazines such as GQ, Vogue, Exotic Cars Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, Bon Appetite, The New Yorker and many more…

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Ready to promote your brands or luxury services in Manhattan, the Hampton’s or South Florida we have access to the hottest regional publications and event marketing programs to brand, network and increase sales.


Newspapers, TV, Radio and major buys nationally. Our marketing partners spend billions and we pass along savings to you.


Our network consists of over 35 B to B clients — ranging from realtors, lenders, insurance, attorney, private jets, hotel-casinos, luxury goods and services senior level executives, and more and 100,00 high net worth consumers, who fly private, casino players, entrepreneurs, luxury goods and service consumers, entertainment, media, and all ready to meet you. Let us make the personal introductions you desire.



We strategically aligned ourselves with Imran Khan aka Wolf of Digital, Founder and CEO of They powered Madison Avenue Agency site & our event platform Social Network Mixer.

Michael Jacobson, President states “there are significant opportunities and advantages for any brand or service to bridge the gap between marketing and technology to help evolve the way companies and executives expand business today.”

We can now offer today complex site development, APP’s, technology marketing, software, site revamps & more.


We have an extensive network of Barter opportunities connecting luxury brands and service companies who can “barter” their goods and service in exchange for advertising, out of pockets expenses for operations, expansions, and much more. Corporate barter has been growing in recent years into a variety of new platforms. It can be used to recover value from an asset that has lost some or most of its value or to fund new programs or projects. Most companies retain varying levels of unwanted inventory, capital goods, real estate, excess receivables or other assets that aren’t performing or providing ROI. When businesses liquidate these assets, they typically realize only 10 – 40% of the book value while Madison Avenue will yield up to 100%.



The key to branding success at events is having the right team in place. We offer our clients in New York, and other major cities across the country access to our Brand Ambassadors locally to support branding, and sales efforts. Our Brand Ambassadors are highly trained, savvy, educated, marketing and sales enthusiasts who in essence become an extension of your sales and marketing teams at large galas, conferences, special theme events or at VIP intimate dinners, or galleries.



Mike Jacobson