Steak Model


@steakmodel is live! Leah Reynolds, an ELITE Model who created the site simply loves Steak! I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU HERE. @steakmodel was created out of pure savageness and my deepest desires. Waiters and Chefs could not believe that a girl, a girl like ME, could clear her plate of the largest chops in the world. I was reminded that I should be careful ordering a steak for 2- as it would be far too much food for me.


Every time the steak came and went, right into my stomach. I will always clean the bone, nothing to be spared. Fast forward to the creation of @steakmodel on Instagram. I have been a model for the past six years and have worked around the world. I realized the seamless integration of both modeling and meat, that would become my calling. Just a fabulous woman who wants nothing more than a steak worthy of her.This site is not for those who choose the fish option. I’m always on the search for sexy new spots and meat must-haves. New dishes, new cities, and the best meats of your life. Add a pinch of sex appeal, a dash of temptation, and a boatload of food porn.




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