Fort Lauderdale

“We work with Madison Avenue Agency from NYC, a luxury travel agency keen to promote us and was super excited to come to Fort Lauderdale. They are marketing us to their affluent clients for business, leisure travel & sales meetings. It was fantastic to discuss business with such a positive client and we all had smiles on our faces at the end of the meeting.”



Jue lan Club
New York City

“It’s been a pleasure working with Madison Avenue Agency the past three (3) years. We enjoy participating in their Gift Card Dining Programs. The results yielded for us several hundred new affluent customers, plus new opportunities to host larger theme events, holiday parties, and much more. We highly recommend working with them.”


Secrets Cap Cana
Punta Cana

“Working with Madison Avenue agency & Michael is a true pleasure. He brings a cutting edge marketing approach to bringing new affluent travelers to our resort.


David Burke Tavern
Celebrity Chef David Burke

“We recommend working with Madison Avenue agency. Their social media, events & dining programs are geared towards helping restaurants attract new high end clientele.”


Mr. C
SeaPort, NYC

“We enjoy working with Madison Avenue Agency & booking their executives at our hotel. “



“Madison Avenue Agency is the go-to agency to develop marketing programs to drive new customers. They have thousands of luxury enthusiasts at their fingertips and their network has connected us with affluent consumers and other like-minded executives.


Oasis Day Spa

“We have been working with Michael and Madison Avenue for several years. His agency has provided us many luxury lifestyle offers via our spa giveaway programs to drive traffic to our site and reward our loyal spa-goers. We look forward continuing our prosperous relationship.”


Wings Air Helicopter
Manhattan to Hamptons

“We are excited to be part of Madison Avenue New York to the Hamptons program. We look forward to flying their customers and affluent travelers in style out east this summer”


Beverly Hills

“It has been a pleasure working directly with the President of Madison Avenue Agency, Michael Jacobson. I love working with Michael. He knows exactly what his clients are looking for and where they feel comfortable. Mr. C Beverly Hills values the amount of business he brings to the hotel every month.  Thank you, Michael!”


ICON International

“Michael is a rock star! His agency over the past year has been instrumental broadening our reach of 3-5 star hotels and fine dining experiences plus staging dinners and larger-scale events in New York, South Florida, DR, and abroad. We value his working knowledge and love utilizing his network. We highly recommend to all working with him and Madison Avenue Agency.”